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Tie-Dye Cheesecake Cookies

As you may know by now, Oriana’s Oven is known for making delicious homemade cheesecakes from an original recipe. What you may not know is that I create the specialty cheesecake recipes from 5-10 different recipes for a similar flavor. Each of the measurements are adjusted to taste and to proportionally match the ingredients in the base recipe of my plain traditional cheesecake.

While experimenting with everything cheesecake, I stumbled upon a recipe for cheesecake cookies that was so good, no ingredient modifications are necessary. This is what we will be making together today. These cookies are fluffy, light, moist, and very yummy!

Please remember one unique thing about cooking and baking. Even if using the same recipe, everyone’s finished product will vary for one reason or another. For example, those reasons may be due to minor differences in measuring cups, accuracy of oven temperature, different mixing techniques, etc. Everyone has their own techniques and skills they like to use in the kitchen. While following the recipe I found online (link attached at the bottom), I added and tweaked some tips I thought made the recipe easier to follow and the cookies both better looking and tasting!

The cookies pictured throughout this recipe are red and gray themed, the colors of my alma mater, Stevens Institute of Technology. I will be hosting a virtual baking class on Tuesday, July 7th at 3:30, where we will make these cookies together step by step! If you'd like to join me click the link HERE to register! I am counting down the minutes!

Let’s get started!

Equipment Needed:

  • Stand mixer or hand mixer

  • Medium sized bowl (2 bowls if you are using a hand mixer)

  • Small bowl for each cookie color

  • 2 Cookie sheets

  • Parchment paper

  • 1” Cookie dough scoop

  • Whisk

  • Rubber/latex gloves

  • Muffin tin (optional)

A stand mixer is easiest for mixing and a common household appliance. No worries if you don’t have one. A hand mixer works just as well but requires slightly more patience. For this recipe, the wet and dry ingredients will be mixed separately until there are two homogeneous mixtures before being combined. That is why we need a separate medium-sized bowl if you have a stand mixer, or two bowls if you are using a hand mixer.

Sectioning the Dough:

To make tie-dye cookies we will be dividing the dough into different sections for each color. You will need a bowl for each color dye being used, in addition to a bowl for plain uncolored dough. When separating the dough into sections, I recommend saving a larger portion of the plain dough. The plain dough helps with the marbling effect and keeps the colors from blending together. For example, I typically only use two (2) different color dyes. I would split the dough into sections as such: ¼ color A, ¼ color B, ½ plain uncolored dough. You can use as many colors as you’d like and be as creative as you can dream of! Do not let me limit you. However, this just happens to work best for me. Furthermore, if you want to garnish the cookies with sprinkles you will need the plain dough.